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Our Landlords Guide to Letting A Property

Follow our Lettings 101 tips and tricks to find your perfect investment and tenants.

As experienced and award-winning letting agents, we understand the needs of both tenants and landlords. We recognise that property landlords have wishlists, just as tenants do. That’s why we work hard to help you attract the right tenants for your property, and to make renting out a property as hassle-free as possible.

Full suite of services for property landlords

Whether you are an experienced landlord or renting out a house for the first time, we offer a service tailored to your needs. We’ll help you to find tenants quickly to minimise periods when rental properties are vacant. We are very proactive, working months ahead of tenancy renewal dates to secure the next tenancy agreement for your property.

You can choose from our full range of landlord services, which cover the entire letting and property management process.

Here's how the property letting process works

Establish your ‘ideal’ tenant – we’ll talk to you to understand what you’re looking for in a tenant and the length of tenancy you’d prefer, as this will be different for every landlord. Once we’ve established your ‘ideal’ tenant, we can market the property effectively to the right target groups.

Prepare your property – you should leave your rental property in the state you expect to find it at the end of the tenancy. Take a bit of time to touch up any scuffed paintwork, carry out minor repairs and present the property in a clean, tidy manner. This will create a great first impression and can encourage tenants to sign up for longer terms.

Effective marketing – we have a tried and tested marketing process to secure the right tenants at the best price. We actively contact potential tenants who have been through our qualification process and are looking for rental properties like yours. Our phone marketing is backed up by high-profile internet marketing, prominent window displays, high-quality professional photography and eye-catching To Let boards.

Regular feedback – we’ll provide regular comprehensive marketing updates. We also provide detailed feedback from viewers within 48 hours of their visit.

Accept application – once we have found tenants who would like to move in, they will submit an application. You can choose whether or not to accept this application, subject to references.

Legal paperwork – we help to gather references and complete all legal paperwork, including the tenancy agreement, which you must sign. We also ensure that you have complied with all mandatory Housing Act regulations.

Hand over – make sure all appliances are in good working order. We suggest you leave the property as you expect to find it at the end of the tenancy. If you want the lawn to be mown – leave a lawnmower. We recommend that you have a detailed photographic inventory drawn up, so you can refer back to it when checking the condition and contents of the property at the end of the tenancy. This is included as part of our full property management service.

Property management – if you choose our property management services, we will handle the day-to-day running of your property and manage the relationship with your tenants. We will advise you on your legal responsibilities, maintain the property to a high standard and collect the rent on your behalf.

Your rental property will be managed by our own in-house team, and you will have a single point of contact for all queries and requests. Get in touch with your local branch now for more information.