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‘Kick off a mortgage conversation; you could be surprised at the results’

'Important to talk to a mortgage broker before making any decisions about your mortgage'

Originally posted: 19th October, 2022

'Crucial that home movers speak to a mortgage broker'

With mortgage rates so liquid at the moment and the economy in a state of flux, it’s important to talk to a mortgage broker before making any decisions about your mortgage – that’s the advice of Preston Baker Mortgage and Protection Specialist Michael Johnson.

“Rates are moving so quickly and by talking to a mortgage broker you can get a view of the whole market and get the right mortgage solution for your needs,” says Michael.

Michael, a former football player and coach with Peterborough United Football Club, has helped over 130 Preston Baker home movers with their mortgages in 2022, and says there is an enormous sense of satisfaction in helping people get the right mortgage to allow them to buy the property they want.

'Don’t be scared – just start a conversation'

“With the housing and mortgage market as it is, it is crucial that home movers speak to a mortgage broker and my advice to anyone looking for a mortgage is don’t be scared – just start a conversation,” says Michael.

He adds: “As brokers we are here to give honest, open information, and are not tied to a single lender; we can look at the whole market and find the right solution.”

Michael says there is a lot of negativity in the media at the moment surrounding mortgages, but there are still lots of mortgage deals available.

'By working together we can find a solution that fits'

“The most important thing is starting the conversation and seeing what is available. It may be that there has to be a shift in expectations around affordability, but by working together we can find a solution that fits.”

Michael trained as a Mortgage and Protection Specialist during the first lockdown, when like many others he looked at lifestyle changes.

“I loved my years at Peterborough United Football Club and highlights such as working with Darren Ferguson (son of Sir Alex Ferguson) and sitting in the Royal Box between Elton John and Eddie Izzard watching a play-off final, but when lockdown came I decided I wanted a change and started training to become a Mortgage and Protection Specialist.

“It’s wonderful to be with people throughout their journey and help them get a mortgage to buy the home they want.

“It is undoubtedly a more challenging market at the moment, but that’s where my expertise comes to the fore and can make a big difference.”

If you would like mortgage help or advice please call us on 0800 505 3355 or contact us using the link below.