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Get 4.5% more for your property

Here’s why you should sell your home with Preston Baker

We are getting more money for sellers; on average 4.5% more

Property Launch performance by month
Originally posted: 9th March, 2023

Just think how much 4.5% is of your property’s value and what you could do with that extra money!

As estate agents we are well-used to the oft-banded rhetoric that all estate agents are the same. However, anyone holding this view is likely to lose out big style – in fact by around 4.5% of your property’s value.

Hopefully that has piqued your attention, especially if your house is currently on the market or you are thinking of selling your property.

We are seeing an increasing number of sellers coming to us from other agents, as the realisation dawns that it takes a different approach, extra effort and work in the current housing market to get the desired outcome/best price.

For all estate agents are certainly, most definitely, not the same, and this is especially true in the current more challenging housing market.

We are getting more money for sellers; on average 4.5% more

We have been taking a close look at our data here at Preston Baker Estate Agents and we are getting more money for sellers; on average 4.5% more than other agents.

Just think how much 4.5% is of your property’s value and what you could do with that extra money!

Property Launch v UK average

Anyone reading this who has dealt with multiple estate agents will know agents differ greatly in their promises and service, and while others of you may have been lulled into a false sense of security during the last couple of years when the housing market has been frenzied and anyone it seemed could sell a house for a good price, anyone trying to sell a property in the current housing market will find it a very different story indeed.

Preston Baker Property Launch achieving sellers 100% of asking price

As, just revealed by Zoopla, sellers nationally are having to accept an average 4.5% discount to the asking price to achieve a sale – the highest for five years as a buyers’ market takes hold, Preston Baker’s way of selling property, using our Property Launch model, is achieving sellers 100% of asking price.

In fact, over the last 12 months, as the housing market has moved into a more normal housing market, due to factors including rising interest rates and cost of living increases, Preston Baker’s Property Launch model has delivered an asking price of 99% and above, with the latest available figures, for January 2023, at 100%.

Our own data shows that Property Launch viewing numbers per property have declined, peaking at 16 per property in May 2022, and standing at 7 in January 2023, but our way of selling continues to get 4.5% on average over other agents.

Property Launch performance by month

Buyer psychology

To fully understand this, and the success that Preston Baker is achieving for sellers, despite less viewers per property, we need to look at how the Preston Baker way of selling works and how it attracts maximum interest in a property, using buyer psychology to get the optimum price for a seller in any given market.

Our expert valuers price properties to achieve the best price possible in any given market, and then we maximise interest in the first two weeks of your property going live with the biggest marketing campaign imaginable (Rightmove says that interest in your home is at its maximum in the first 14 days and we capitalise on this with Property Launch). We then hold a launch event when all interested parties view your property on the same day. This achieves a sense of urgency, of competition, and taps into buyer psychology that they are viewing with others, there is only one property, they want it, and offers follow.

Sell in prime selling window

When you are selling a house you do not want it on the market for a long time, you want to sell in the prime selling window (the first few weeks), as this is when you will get the optimum price in that given market, and the scarcity effect (wanting what you can’t have psychology, which Property Launch prompts to sellers’ advantage), and ego (I will get this property) all come into play. Social proof too plays a part, as you can see that others are interested, whereas there is declining social proof as time passes, and in fact you then start to wonder why a property has not sold and if no-one else is interested in it, why should I be. I don’t want it if no-one else wants it; the reverse buyer psychology to that evoked by Preston Baker Property Launch.

We sell properties using Property Launch because it’s a model we have evolved and proven to get the very best results for sellers. It works by getting the very best price possible in any given market, and that stands true in this current difficult market.

Property Launch proven to get thousands of pounds more

Property Launch is proven to get thousands of pounds more for properties than more traditional marketing methods as the marketing activity results in buyer competition where all interest in the property comes at once.

Zoopla’s lastest House Price Index report, as with other industry reports, highlights that the current housing market conditions are close to the pre-pandemic years.

While the average house price has risen £42,000 since the pandemic began, it says you could lose a third of these pandemic gains if you were to sell in today’s buyers’ market, as you would most likely have to offer buyers around a 4-5% discount off your asking price. This equates to a third of the value you gained over the pandemic, or a discount of £14,100 off the average home.

However, Preston Baker Property Launch is still achieving sellers 100% of asking price.

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What can I say, Preston Baker have exceeded every expectation and changed my opinion of Estate Agents altogether! Having previously marketed my property with another agent, I was convinced to move to Preston Baker after initially meeting with Matt and being blown away by his approach. He introduced buyers within 48 hours of going to market and achieved me an offer over asking price on the first viewing. One of the biggest differences I see between Preston Baker and other agents is their incredible marketing, I’ve never seen professional photos quite like theirs and the drone shots really sold the plot size and views my property offers which weren’t showcased by the other agent. I can’t thank Preston Baker enough for what they have done for me.

Christine Williams

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