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Sell your home in Selby for more with Preston Baker estate agents

Homes in Selby area are selling quickly

Originally posted: 21st June, 2021 Last updated: 25th March, 2024

House prices and demand high in Selby area

“Homes in Selby are selling quickly; Preston Baker estate agents Selby can help you get the best possible price and arrange your onward move” – Anna Greaves, Property Marketing Director.

Anna Greaves is a Property Marketing Director working for award-winning estate agents Preston Baker. She is our primary valuer covering the Selby area.

Anna says the buoyant housing market means that homes are selling quickly, but that does not necessarily mean the best price is achieved. It’s important to choose your estate agent carefully to ensure you maximise the current situation and also know you have an onward move sorted too.

“Everything is selling quickly, but it takes strategic marketing and finding the right buyers to get the best price,” says Anna.

Anna has seen a massive increase in demand and prices in the Selby area and is helping homeowners get the best possible prices.

Our stats show that Preston Baker sells homes in the Selby area for 3.81%/£8,000 more than other agents, 47 days quicker and hassle free as we do everything for you.

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Anna has worked for Preston Baker for over five years and loves working for the company, saying she wishes she had joined sooner.

“It’s a very busy time in the housing market; as we are coming out of lockdown house sales are booming in the Selby area.

“My advice is to work with an agent that cares about your move and where you are going to next, such as Preston Baker.”

Anna says recently homes in Selby and surrounding areas have been going for well over the asking price, by over £10,000 in several instances.

“It’s just a case of finding the right buyer,” says Anna.

“Property Launch® brilliant for homeowners”

Anna says that while homes will sell quickly at the moment, Preston Baker’s strategic method of marketing and selling homes is brilliant and gets fantastic results for homeowners, over and above those achieved by other agents.

“The unique selling tools we use put your property in front of more buyers to get the best price possible,” says Anna.

Anna explains that Property Launch® maximises what you can get for your home; we don’t sell to the first buyer, but generate lots of interest and competition over a day’s launch event, leading to higher offers. It sells your property quicker, saves having to do multiple viewings on multiple days (meaning less hassle and less cleaning) and is safer in these Covid-times.

“I sell 88% of homes in the first 30 days,” says Anna.

“We don’t just care about the sale”

Anna says that there is not enough housing stock on the market and more buyers, creating high demand. Homeowners can be reticent to put their home on the market, with nowhere to go to. Preston Baker helps with this.

“We are not just about selling homes; we care about homeowners and their next move. We can help people find homes that may not even be on the market, but we know that the homeowner wants to move if something becomes available that fits their requirements. We can facilitate this.”

“I love matching people with the homes of their dreams – it’s one of the most rewarding aspects of the job,” says Anna.

Book your valuation now with Anna and see what your property is worth!

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Success stories

Homes are no sooner valued by Anna and on the market with Preston Baker in the Selby area than sold for the best possible price.

Here are some recent success stories:

Anna Greaves cropped

Selby Area Testimonials

“Preston Baker’s Property Launch® is a clever way of selling a house and has lots of advantages; I would always sell a house this way” – Peter Smith

When Peter Smith wanted to sell his family home at Weeland Road, Beal, Goole, quickly to enable a move to Devon, where an offer has been made and accepted on a new home, he knew he wanted to use Preston Baker.

“I bought the house in Weeland Road through a Preston Baker Property Launch® event four-and-a-half years ago and I would always choose this method,” said Peter.

“It creates a real sense of competition with buyers; getting them all at the property on the same day.”

Peter’s house sold for over £2,000 over the asking price of £150,000 following the launch event and allowed Peter, his wife and baby daughter to move to the house they wanted in Devon.

“The whole process has been very good, everyone has been great. The communication has been very good and everyone got back to me whenever needed. I would certainly recommend Preston Baker.”

Peter said he and his family were now able to move to their lifetime dream location of Devon and get the house they wanted because of how quickly and proficiently Preston Baker dealt with the sale of the Beal house.

“We needed to sell our house quickly and Anna from Preston Baker understood this and did a lot to help us. She understood our situation and got the house valued, marketed and viewed quickly. It was a nice, easy process.”

Peter Smith

“Selling a house was simple and easy with Preston Baker” – Leslie

When Leslie needed to sell his family home in Selby he chose Preston Baker after having Property Marketing Director Anna round to value the property.

“Anna was very competent and I also thought the Property Launch® event was a really good idea – that was another tick in the Preston Baker box,” said Leslie.

Leslie had to sell his family home following the death of his Dad and because his Mum is in a care home. Leslie himself now lives in York, but has a strong attachment to the Selby house having lived there as a youngster. He said it was the end of an era.

Leslie was pleased with the outcome of the sale; the house sold for £185,000, £10,000 over the asking price of £175,000.

“The Property Launch® worked really well. We just left Preston Baker to it and then they got back to us with the feedback.”

Leslie said he would definitely recommend Preston Baker to others.

Selby house

“When we found a new house in our dream location and offered on it we needed to sell our house quickly and with Preston Baker it was all sorted in no time and for £12,000 over the asking price” – John Davison

John and Kay Davison had long wanted to move to the countryside and when they found a house they liked in a beautiful rural setting and offered on it, they had to sell their home in Derwent Drive, Barlby, Selby, quickly so as not to lose it.

“We had a few quotes from estate agents but Anna from Preston Baker seemed very competent, friendly and confident of selling our home in a short space of time, as we needed,” said John.

“Anna set everything up, taking care of absolutely everything. We had a Preston Baker Property Launch® event, 12 people turned up on the day and the house was sold in under a week for £12,000 over asking.”

John and Kay’s home was on the market for £175,000, but with interest so high at the Property Launch® event, it attracted a £187,000 sale price.

“Everything was done for us and the photographer did a fabulous job, as did Anna,” said John.

The couple found a home in a dreamy rural village location Barmby on the Marsh and did not want to lose it.

“Anna was really good. She knows her information, knows the market and had absolutely everything covered. It was done and dusted in no time. I would absolutely recommend Preston Baker.”

John and Kay are now moved into their new home and could not be happier.

“It’s just unbelievable, such peace and quiet; it’s the best thing we ever did.”

Davison case study pic cropped