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Thinking of moving in 2022? Get a head-start!

It pays to get yourself in the best possible position for moving

Originally posted: 4th January, 2022

Make sure you have greater buying power than the competition

If you are looking to move in 2022 it pays to get yourself in the best possible position for moving.

It’s certainly been a frenzied housing market over the last couple of years and homes have become a high priority for people as the Covid pandemic has caused people to re-evaluate their lifestyles. Many have wanted more space.

As we go into 2022 though a more normal housing market is predicted, although still a busy one. Property valuation requests from homeowners are up, but there is still a lack of houses on the market for the number of potential buyers which is keeping prices up.

Strong sellers’ market

So, if you are selling your home in the new year, your chances of getting a buyer are very high as there is very strong buyer demand and not enough homes available on the market.

House prices are predicted to rise still further this year, but if you are thinking of selling it’s important to set the right asking price. This is where a good local estate agent can help.

Important to be a ‘power buyer’

As there are so many potential buyers for each available property the importance of being a ‘power buyer’ cannot be stressed enough. To be in the best position to secure the best property, you need to make sure you have greater buying power than the competition.

What this means is that if you are a seller wanting to buy again, the best way to get yourself in the best position to secure your next home is to get a buyer for your property first.

Proving you have the available funds to purchase a property, including having a mortgage agreement in principle, is also now a must-have, not only if you want to be ahead of the competition, but also to help speed up the moving process.

Get your house valued

To start the process, get your house valued and see how much you can afford.

If you would like to know the value of your house then get in touch with Preston Baker Estate and Letting Agents now and we will tell you how much your house is worth.