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Tips for house buyers

Buyers who get prepared stand the best chance of getting what they want

Originally posted: 6th July, 2021

Steps buyers can take to compete in property market

We are living in unprecedented times and the last year has seen the UK property market boom. It can be overwhelming for house buyers, but there are steps buyers can take to compete in this buoyant property market.

Preston Baker Estate Agents, covering Leeds, York, Doncaster, Selby, in Yorkshire, has seen a huge upsurge in people wanting to move during the Covid pandemic. For many, remote working and time spent with families has fuelled a need for more outdoor space, more rural locations and room for a home office. For others it has driven a desire to strike out and buy for the first time.

It is a competitive market and demand for houses is high. Buyers who get prepared stand the best chance of getting what they want.

Do your research

If you are looking to buy, whether for the first time or as an onward move, make sure you fully research the area and streets you are interested in. Make a wish-list of what you want and, as important, what you don’t want. Then, when a property comes to market you will instantly know if it fits your criteria or not.

Know how much you can afford

There is no point setting your heart on a property that you can’t afford, so do your sums first. You need to know how much you can borrow so that you can make any offer on a house. Consider if you have the upfront funds you need and whether you are able to borrow the additional money you will require.

It’s sensible at this point to speak to a mortgage advisor. A mortgage advisor will help, advise and search the mortgages available to find the best one for you.

Preston Baker Estate Agents has a team of expert mortgage advisors who will search over 20,000 mortgages to find the best one for you.

Ideally you will have a mortgage-in-principle ready to go when you find the house you want, which will help speed everything up if you do decide to offer on a house.

Sign up with an estate agent

When looking for a house an estate agent will help you with your property search. Sign up with Preston Baker Estate Agents and we will inform you first about any properties that may be coming to market in Leeds, York, Doncaster and Selby, meaning you get to see houses that may be of interest to you before others. This helps keep you ahead of other potential buyers.

Consider your budget

You may have a clear idea of what your budget is, but when buying it can be beneficial to keep an open mind. It’s a competitive market and properties are going for well over asking price, so perhaps look at properties priced below your budget so that you are able to up your offer if needed. It may be that you could look to buy a project.

Don’t dither

When you do see the house you want it’s important to act quickly and decisively in order to avoid disappointment. With so many buyers around sellers have choice and they will go with buyers ready, willing and able to buy and move quickly.

Be friendly and helpful

Moving is a very stressful time but if you can be as friendly and helpful to a seller as possible it will certainly help smooth the way for the purchase and moving process.

Keep the positivity

Moving does not always go smoothly and things can stall or perhaps fall through. When buying a house it is important to stay positive.

At Preston Baker Estate Agents our local teams in Leeds, York, Doncaster and Selby, support buyers throughout the whole buying process, with help, advice and support always only a call or WhatsApp message away.

If you are looking to buy a house in Leeds, York, Doncaster or Selby, contact Preston Baker Estate Agents now. We look forward to helping you find your new home.

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