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Demand for homes in Leeds high – get yours valued now with Preston Baker estate agents

Sell your home for more and faster with Preston Baker

Originally posted: 2nd July, 2021 Last updated: 25th March, 2024

Surge in demand for homes in Leeds

“Preston Baker sells homes in Leeds for 3.81%/£8,000 more than other agents, 47 days quicker and hassle free!” – Peter Neal, Property Marketing Director.

Meet Peter Neal, a Property Marketing Director working for award-winning Yorkshire estate agents Preston Baker. He is a primary valuer covering Leeds.

Peter is seeing a huge surge in demand for homes in Leeds and surrounding area and is helping homeowners secure the best possible prices.

Book your valuation now with Peter and see what your property is worth!

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Australian-born Peter is a massive advocate for Leeds, Yorkshire and the UK, saying every day is an adventure here, especially now he has a touring caravan and can explore glorious Yorkshire and further afield.

“World’s most unique selling system”

Peter has worked in property since 2002; in Australia he was in the top 10% of estate agents, and he says Preston Baker operates “the most unique selling system in the world”.

“The unique selling tools we use put your property in front of more buyers to get the best price possible,” says Peter

“Using our bespoke Property Launch® your property is placed at the centre of a huge marketing campaign, securing on average 3.81%/£8,000 more than other agents, 47 days quicker and with no hassles as we take care of everything.”

Peter explains that Property Launch® generates thousands of visits to your property from social media. You have control over how much or little marketing you want, with 372 different marketing combinations. The more interest generated, the more people want to see your property and having those people view your property at the same Property Launch® event creates excitement and competition, leading to higher offers. It sells your property quicker, saves having to do multiple viewings on multiple days (meaning less hassle and less cleaning) and is safer in these Covid-times.

“Preston Baker sells 78% of homes in the first 30 days,” says Peter.

Not enough housing stock on the market

Peter says there is a dire shortage of housing stock on the market at the moment and now is a great time to sell, with prices high and multiple buyers bidding on the same properties, driving prices up.

“If you are looking to move then now is the time to act and put your house on the market. Prices are high and here at Preston Baker we can ensure that you get the very best price possible for your property.

“It’s a highly competitive buyers’ market and you need to be in the very best position possible to get the house you want, so you really have to be a proceedable buyer (be ready to buy with nothing to sell and a mortgage agreed or finances in place or your own property under offer with a clear agreed chain below) to stand a real chance.”

Book your valuation now with Peter and see what your property is worth!

Book a Valuation Now!

Success stories

Homes are no sooner valued by Peter and on the market with Preston Baker Estate Agents in Leeds than sold for well over asking price.

Here are some recent success stories:

Peter Neal

Leeds Area Testimonials

“We only had to get the house ready for the launch day and there was no stress of doing viewings ourselves. It was all incredibly quick and smooth running.” – Penny Hoban

When Penny and Glenn Hoban decided to upsize to a larger house for themselves and their three children they chose Preston Baker to sell their home in Burr Tree Drive, Leeds. The house sold from the Property Launch® event for £312,000 - £12,000 over the asking price of £300,000.

“We chose Preston Baker due to price, it all sounded like it was going to run smoothly, we liked the idea of the Property Launch® day and Preston Baker offices cover the areas we are looking to move to,” said Penny.

“It was all incredibly quick and an excellent, very smooth running service. I didn’t need to do any chasing up, everything seemed to just fall into place with what needed to happen.”

Penny said the Property Launch® day worked really well, with lots of people booked in to view the house on the one day.

“It was great and took a lot of the stress out of the whole process. We had 13 people viewing and got four offers. We got lots of feedback from Preston Baker afterwards. It’s definitely the approach to take. Our friends commented how well it had all gone and that was down to the launch day and the fabulous photography helped too.”

Penny added: “We have been really pleased with the whole process and would definitely recommend Preston Baker. It has been as stress-free as it can be. My biggest stress was whether I should leave the cat in the house for the Property Launch® day and Preston Baker ensured I could check on the cat between viewings!”

Picture shows Penny and Glenn with their cat.

Leeds cropped

“We were really happy with the price we got with Preston Baker” – Sam Wild

When aircraft engineer Sam Wild from Scholes wanted to sell a house renovation project in Manston Grove, Leeds, he chose Preston Baker Estate Agents on the recommendation of others.

“I chose Preston Baker based on what other people told me who had used the company and the feedback that Preston Baker was better than others on the marketing side,” said Sam.

The house was put on the market at £250,000, which was the amount Sam expected to get for it. After a Preston Baker Property Launch® event it sold for £271,000 - £21,000 over the asking price.

“It was definitely a better result than we had thought and we were really happy,” said Sam.

“I would certainly recommend Preston Baker and would use them again.”

Book your valuation now with Peter and see what your property is worth!

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