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7 Ennerdale Avenue York 4 Isobel Richard Hardy

Homes in York going for well over asking price

– get yours valued now with Preston Baker estate agents

Originally posted: 21st June, 2021 Last updated: 25th March, 2024

Massive increase in demand and prices in the York area

“Homes in York have been going for up to £20,000 over asking price with Preston Baker, with a huge surge in demand for homes driving prices up” – Gemma Bolton, Property Marketing Director.

Gemma Bolton is a Property Marketing Director working for award-winning York estate agents Preston Baker. She is our primary valuer covering York.

Gemma, who is pictured here with happy Preston Baker customer Peter Orange, has seen a massive increase in demand and prices in the York area and is helping homeowners get the best possible prices. In just the last few weeks, one York property has gone for £16,000 over asking and another for £20,000 more!

Our stats show that Preston Baker sells homes in York for 3.81%/£8,000 more than other agents, 47 days quicker and hassle free as we do everything for you.

Book your valuation now with Gemma and see what your property is worth!

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Gemma has worked for Preston Baker for six years and loves the caring culture created by the company. She says she feels valued and cared for.

“I love the company and the work and as we have come out of lockdown it’s been a busy, booming time for the housing market in York.”

“Property Launch® brilliant for homeowners”

Gemma says Preston Baker’s strategic method of marketing and selling homes is brilliant and gets fantastic results for homeowners.

“The unique selling tools we use put your property in front of more buyers to get the best price possible,” says Gemma.

Gemma explains that Property Launch® generates thousands of visits to your property from social media. You have control over how much or little marketing you want, with 372 different marketing combinations. The more interest generated, the more people want to see your property and having those people view your property at the same Property Launch® event creates excitement and competition, leading to higher offers. It sells your property quicker, saves having to do multiple viewings on multiple days (meaning less hassle and less cleaning) and is safer in these Covid-times.

“Preston Baker sells 78% of homes in the first 30 days,” says Gemma.

“Housing needs changed”

Gemma says she has noticed two main changes in what people are looking for when they move during the last year.

“People are looking for more space to work from home; room for a home office, and also for gardens and green space.”

This desire to move has resulted in a significant shortage of housing stock on the market, making it a great time to sell. Prices are high and as seen by Gemma in York, with multiple buyers bidding on the same properties, prices are being driven up.

“If you are wanting to move then it’s important to act now and get your house on the market,” says Gemma.

“Prices are high and here at Preston Baker we can ensure that you get the very best price possible for your property.

“It’s an extremely competitive buyers’ market and you have to be in the very best position possible to get the house you want, which means you really have to be a proceedable buyer (be ready to buy with nothing to sell and a mortgage agreed or finances in place or your own property under offer and a clear agreed chain below) to stand a chance.”

Book your valuation now with Gemma and see what your property is worth!

Book a Valuation Now!

Success stories

Homes are no sooner valued by Gemma and on the market with Preston Baker in York than sold for well over asking price.

Here are some recent success stories:

Pete Orange 35 The Cranbrooks Gemma Bolton 3

York Testimonials

“I absolutely, 100% recommend Preston Baker; I chose them because I trusted them to get more money for my house than other estate agents” – Peter Orange, Wheldrake, York

When Peter Orange had to sell his family home at The Cranbrooks, Wheldrake, York, due to divorce there was only one estate agents for him – Preston Baker. He said he looked at the figures for Preston Baker’s Property Launch®, where prospective buyers are invited to view the property on the same day, and there was only one choice of agents.

“I chose Preston Baker because I had total trust and belief in the launch system; it gets people in on one day, creates interest and competition and is more likely to get the best price possible.”

As with many house sales, however, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Peter. The initial buyer pulled out, so a second launch event was held and the property sold again, for just under the asking price of £325,000 but at a price Peter was happy with.

“It may not have been the perfect ride, but the Preston Baker team has been there throughout and been incredibly supportive and doing everything they can to make the process as easy as possible.”

Peter said selling a house wasn’t an everyday occurrence; it was 10 years since he had last done it, and there was so much involved it could easily become overwhelming.

“Gemma and Angela at Preston Baker have been brilliant throughout. They are absolutely lovely, lovely people and you can tell they are totally invested in their jobs and the people they deal with and this really rubs off. They held my hand throughout and really did make moving easy. I can’t thank them enough.”

Pete Orange 35 The Cranbrooks Gemma Bolton 1

“We got £17,500 over asking price with Preston Baker and we could not fault the service” – Isobel Hardy, Burnholme, York

When retired couple Richard and Isobel Hardy wanted to sell their family home of almost 41 years in the popular area of Burnholme, York, they put it on the market with Preston Baker after a recommendation from a neighbour and a valuation from Gemma Bolton at Preston Baker.

Their home on Ennerdale Avenue went on the market for £330,000 and following a Preston Baker Property Launch® event, the couple sold for £347,500 - £17,500 over asking, to a young family.

“Gemma came to value our home and was very helpful. It all seemed quite scary selling our home but we were kept fully updated throughout,” said Isobel.

“We had two offers prior to the launch event and then on the day of the launch we just disappeared and everything was done for us. It’s a good idea, especially if you are busy as it speeds the process up.”

Isobel said the Preston Baker team, including the solicitors, had been “excellent”.

“I could not fault the people we have dealt with or the solicitors,” she said.

“I would recommend Preston Baker.”

7 Ennerdale Avenue York 4 Isobel Richard Hardy

“We are very happy with Preston Baker; the house sold for £20,000 above asking without even going on the market” – Martin Duffy

When Carol Duffy decided to move from her home of 25 years at Lanshaw Croft, York, she chose Preston Baker.

The house sold before the Preston Baker Property Launch® event for £320,000 - £20,000 over asking.

“Dad passed away and Mum decided to move, so it was a difficult time,” said Carol’s son Martin.

“Mum had three different agents out to value the house and Gemma from Preston Baker was just so lovely, kind and helpful, that she chose Preston Baker. Everyone has been incredibly helpful.

“I would definitely recommend Preston Baker. They have been very professional and with some class, looking after Mum and doing all the hard work for us.”

Garden 1