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Property Launch

Property Launch is how we sell properties. We've tested it, we believe in it, and our clients love it.

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Intense property marketing

Lots of interest is generated early by an intense marketing campaign, which culminates at a number of Property Launch events.

Choose the best buyer

Multiple viewing events and a deadline for offers converts early interest into potential buyers. You then choose the right buyer for you.

The approach feels really efficient and beneficial for seller and buyer alike. I'm just super impressed by the team and how hard they work for their clients.


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How does Property Launch work?

High quality property details and lots of early marketing generates interest in your property. Structured viewing events create competition amongst buyers. Our highly-skilled team curate offers and guide you through the process of choosing the best one for your circumstances. We then take the lead on the sales process.

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Moving home

Property Launch is great if you are thinking about moving and still need to sell your property. It allows you to start the search for your next home whilst preparing your current home for sale.
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Selling quickly

If you need to sell quickly; our adapted Property Launch ensures that you don't sacrifice quality for a quick sale. You generate the same interest and are able to act on an offer sooner.

Moving home

I'm thinking about moving and would need to sell my property

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Choice at each step

At each step of the journey, we'll provide you with choice to ensure you maintain control of your move.

Supportive moving process

Get support throughout the process from our experienced and friendly team.

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Get help finding your next home

Increase your chances of finding the perfect onward move by taking advantage of our Search tool. We'll work together to define the characteristics of your perfect property and match against every property that exists with those characteristics - whether for sale or not. We'll then run a marketing campaign targeting properties not currently on the market in an attempt to secure your next home. Book a valuation and ask about 'Search' to find out more.

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Selling quickly

I need to sell my property quickly to get on with my plans

For an accelerated sale, our express Property Launch process sells properties faster, and for more money, than traditional selling methods.

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Viewings happen sooner

We've combined the power of Property Launch with the need to get people through the door as quickly as possible.

Offers come earlier

Rather than having a deadline for offers, we'll encourage offers from the start to secure your buyer sooner.

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