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Why Buy-To-Let?

Thinking of buying-to-let? Read our advice on deciding if it's the right option for you.

Buy-to-let advice from the specialists

Your reasons for investing in buy-to-let property will influence many of the decisions you need to make about your investment. That’s why the buy-to-let specialists at Preston Baker start by understanding your objectives, expectations and budget. Then we can help you find the right property and tenants to achieve your specific goals.

What are your goals and expectations?

Think about why you are investing in buy-to-let property. In our experience, potential landlords fall into three broad categories:

1. Investors that want a low-value buy-to-let property to maximise their rental income in a short space of time. These properties are typically rented out to students for short periods.

2. People that want to buy an investment property to provide a steady long-term rental income. They usually want a buy-to-let house that will become a valuable pension or inheritance asset, so the choice of area is vital to ensure maximum capital growth.

3. Homeowners that have bought a property which they are not yet ready to move in to. They want to rent out the property for a short time until they can move in themselves.

Whatever your circumstances, the experienced buy-to-let team at Preston Baker can help you choose the right options to fulfil your individual objectives. Get in touch now for more help and advice.