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The 4 Stages to Buying a House

Make moving easy with our top tips for buying your house.

There are many reasons for moving house and buying a property, whether you're leaving the parental home, having a family, relocating for work, changing your income or preparing for retirement. Whatever your reason, Preston Baker offers advice, expertise, practical support and effective services to help you buy a house.

Here are our top tips on the four stages of buying a house:

1. Research – finding the right location for you

First you need to decide where you’d like to live and the type of property you’re looking for. At Preston Baker, we take time to understand your needs and preferences, so that together we can find the right home in the right area for you. Our local knowledge will help us to recommend areas that meet your criteria and budget

2. Search – exploring the possibilities

This is where you have to put in the work to view suitable houses to buy. On average, we find it takes around six viewings before a buyer makes their first offer, and around 13 viewings before they secure a purchase.

We can help you along the way, especially if what you’re looking for is hard to find or, conversely, extremely popular. If you have specific streets in mind, we can use our databases to contact potential sellers in that location, or send out letters to find out if anyone is thinking of selling their house.

3. Offer – naming your price

Making an offer is as simple as telling us how much you’d like to pay for a property. We will promptly inform the seller and confirm the offer in writing. To make an offer, you must be able to confirm your ability to purchase at that price, so it’s worth getting a mortgage in place early. Your offer should also state anything not included in the agent’s brochure that you wish to be included in the price, such as floor coverings or free-standing kitchen appliances.

4. Conveyancing – completing the formalities

Conveyancing is the legal process of buying a property. It can be confusing, so we try to make it as simple as possible by working closely with our recommended solicitors and mortgage advisers. Essentially, the two things you need to do after an offer is accepted are apply for your mortgage and instruct your solicitor. The sooner you do this, the sooner your purchase will go through.