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Step-By-Step Guide to Using Our Buy-To-Let Tracker

The Yorkshire property market continues to go from strength to strength with rising house prices and populations creating opportunities for buyers, sellers and investors. Our buy-to-let section has been developed to aid property investment and helps you get a quick idea on possible return.

Here we'll take a look at a step-by-step guide on using this tracker to discover the best possible opportunities in your region.

Step One: Find the appropriate section on the homepage.

Step Two: Scroll down to the 'Our Top Buy to Let Opportunities'

Once you have scrolled down, you can change both the amount of investment you wish to spend and specify a particular location where you are looking to purchase a property.

From here, you can begin to look through opportunities, look at the market value, potential (calendar month) rental income and also what that would look like as a gross yield.

Once you've found the the right property, hit 'view investment potential' to get a comprehensive overview.

Step Three: View Investment Potential

This allows you to change what you're looking to invest, over how many years and even change purchase price or rental income if you feel they're either over or under your estimate.

Then you will get two numbers:

  • Gross Yield - The price of the property divided by the amount of rent you receive.
  • Annual ROI - This adds in what happens if the property value increases over the number of years in the 'Years of Investment' dropdown (we put 10 as normal).

You will notice that a number will come up to calculate the 'mortgage required'. If you need a little help on more information, head over to our mortgage advice page or set up a chat with one of our experts.

Step Four: Email and compare

Under the fold, you'll find estimated costs and profits broken down, and then you can get the results sent directly to your inbox.

This is useful for comparing and contrasting different investment opportunities and keeping copies of the breakdown handy through email.

Then, if you are happy with any of these you can get in touch with your local Preston Baker branch for an in-depth chat on purchasing one of our buy-to-let properties. Alternatively, get in touch with our lettings team.

Need help with the system? Some customers have got a more thorough experience thanks to a brief explanation session in one of our branches with our trained team so feel free to drop in or book an appointment.


If you're looking at a property that isn't on our system, you can still use the standalone buy-to-let ROI calculator and input your numbers independently to find the estimate rental yield.