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Should I Move House - What Are My Options?

Working out why you want to move needs to be the first step. We highlight five major things to think about before you choose to move.

5 Things to Think About Before Moving Home

In this article we are going to focus on five main points to consider before moving house.

  • Why do you want to move?
  • What can I afford?
  • What is most important?
  • What is my property worth?
  • Who should sell my property?


Thinking hard about what your outcome needs to be will help you create the right strategy when you decide to move. It’s not an aspect of moving that most people consider, but we feel it is the most important.

If you live with your parents, or have been renting you might be a first-time buyer. A short term purchase may need a property that can increase in value for your next move along the property ladder. A long term move will need to be nearly perfect, as you will be there a while.

Looking for somewhere bigger? That could be a result of a promotion where you are looking for a property with some wow factor. It could be your family is growing and the OFSTED rating and catchment areas of of local schools is most important.

Looking for something smaller? You may have recently exited a relationship or be downsizing to find a more manageable property in your twilight years. You may be looking to release equity.

The process of moving starts here. Deciding on what outcome you want will help you find the right route to buy a house that fits you perfectly.


Can you afford to move into that property you want? Knowing what you can borrow gives you a clear picture on what house prices you should be focusing on.

Our in-house mortgage advisers cover over 12,000 products on the market. We have access to mortgages that aren’t available to consumers or high street banks. With us you have the greatest amount of choice and finding the right product for you becomes our job, not yours.

We go through a thorough initial meeting, to assess all aspects of affordability. We will need to know where your deposit is coming from. If it is from a family member we will need proof that this deposit is a gift.

Analysing your cost of living will get you the best mortgage product for your circumstances. In the long run, this initial meeting can save you a lot of money over your mortgage term.

It’s not always the best move to go for the highest value property you can afford. Depending on your deposit, a cheaper property could drop your mortgage into a lower Loan to Value bracket saving you thousands. A lower value property could also reduce the stamp duty you have to pay.


What is most important to you in this sale? Is it speed? Is it getting the most money for your property? Is it having a stress-free journey?

We tailor our customer journey to focus on the things that are important to you.


There is advice online telling you to overprice your property by up to £20,000. DO NOT DO THIS. Properties needs to be priced to sell, in order to generate the interest required to get multiple buyers interested.

Too high and you won’t get anyone considering your property. It’s only through generating interest and demand that the highest value can be reached. We excel at this through our Property Launch method.

A big factor when looking at estate agents will be their ability to value accurately. Going for the estate agent with the highest valuation isn’t always the best course of action for the above reasons. An accurate valuation requires a visit to the property.


Do you want to go for an online only agent where you pay up front with no guarantee of a sale? Or do you opt for a traditional agent that knows your area inside out, on a no sale no fee basis? There is a misconception that anyone can sell a property by sticking it on Rightmove or Zoopla. This is not true, and there is a wealth of data to back this up.

Yes we list on Rightmove, Zoopla and On the Market, we add your property to our website and social media pages. We use paid advertising to push your property in front of fresh eyes through Facebook and Google AdWords. We have a team of fully trained negotiators that pick up the phone and actively generate interest in your property. We send bespoke email campaigns.

Our Property Launch method focuses all your viewings into one Open Day. This increases competition and excitement, and ensures you only have to tidy up once. We produce the highest quality images and brochures, and a professionally shot video. Our database of landlords and investors are always on the lookout for new properties that they can buy to rent out.

Selling your property with a confident agent will put more money in your back pocket.