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How to Finance Your Buy-To-Let Investment

Find out if your finances are enough to cover your buy-to-let property with the help of the PB experts.

Financing a buy-to-let property means calculating the likely rental income and comparing it with the mortgage repayments and any fees or taxes you will be subject to. Our mortgage specialists can provide buy-to-let financial advice and help you carry out all the necessary calculations to choose the right investment property to maximise your returns.

Calculate the likely returns

To help you choose the right buy-to-let property, all Preston Baker listings now display the property’s potential rental income. This means you can quickly calculate the possible returns to help inform your buying decisions.

Maximise your property investment

If you have a lump sum to invest in buy-to-let property, our financial services team can advise you on what level of deposit is required and therefore how many properties you could invest in. It may be advisable to invest in more than one property, to diversify your portfolio and reduce the risks of relying on a single property for your rental income.

Choosing the right buy-to-let mortgage deal

With our knowledge of buy-to-let rates and products, we can help you choose the right buy-to-let mortgage deal from the huge range available. We’ll also advise you on the taxes you will be subject to, such as stamp duty, so you can accurately budget for your investment.