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Eyes On the Prize

How to sell your house in a crowded market.

Preston Baker has introduced the very latest marketing tools and techniques to help sell your property more effectively. You can choose the level of marketing service you would like – to make your property stand out from the crowd.

Property marketing techniques are constantly evolving, but one thing remains clear, utilising our Property Launch method will result in your property selling for more than traditional marketing methods. Most of our sellers choose some level of upgraded marketing to give their property the edge.

Our Standard Property Launch Service includes the following:-

  • A ten day highly targeted marketing campaign leading to...
  • ...A Property Launch Event, hosted by Preston Baker
  • Stunning photography
  • Professionally filmed HD video tour
  • Colour coded floor plans
  • Bespoke brochure
  • Marketing through social media
  • Posting to rightmove and Zoopla, the two largest and most popular property portals.
  • Targeted advertising to our vast database of buyers and investors through direct calls and relevant email marketing
  • A dedicated team available from 9am to 10pm every day
  • Ensuring that a minimum of 1,250 people see your property listing

All this and more is included within your fee. Remember, we are a no sale, no fee organisation. We don't charge an upfront fee to do our job, we have faith in our abilities to sell your property, and only then do we get paid. It gives you peace of mind that we won't stop until that objective is achieved.

Maximising property value

Selling a property is one thing. If you want to ensure you get the maximum possible price for your property, we can ensure that your listing is seen by twice or even six times as many people, using our 2X and 6X packages.

The more people we get to your property on the Launch day, the more likely you are to get multiple offers and counter offers. Therefore, the more people we can get to see your property listing, the more chance you have of maximising or even exceeding the asking price.

In the 2X and 6X packages you get everything you would get within a Standard Property Launch, but we also use an additional budget you provide to market your property through paid channels.

These channels include

  • Upgraded listings on rightmove and Zoopla, ensuring your property stands out visually, and is listed higher than other properties.
  • Large budget facebook campaigns targeted to the demographic most likely to be interested in your property
  • A Google Adwords campaign to present your property in Google Searches

It's a fantastic opportunity to utilise these marketing channels to really boost the excitement and interest in your property.

Bear in mind that our research of over 3,000 property sales shows that houses sold through our Property Launch sell for £7,000 more than houses that were sold through traditional marketing methods.

Our 2X and 6X packages are the latest upgrade of our Property Launch service, but they already show that clients that sell using these upgraded products have on average 20% higher attendance on the launch day AND are twice as likely to receive an offer they accept as a result of that launch.

When you consider the costs of a prolonged period of a property being on the market, and how quickly interest will fall off after ten days, the upgraded packages really do pay for themselves.

If you're interested in boosting your property using the 2X or 6X marketing packages, get in touch with your local branch today.