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3 Steps to Successfully Selling a Property

By focusing on three simple steps, you can easily influence how quickly your home will sell, and how much money you'll get for it - view them here.

Top tips for selling your house

You can improve the chances of selling your house or flat quickly - and for more money - by focusing on three fundamental factors that influence buyers. These are factors that you and your estate agent have full control over. They are:

1. Property price

The first factor to get right when selling a property is the valuation. If your price is set too high, buyers are likely to discount it before even taking a look. It’s always tempting to go with the estate agent that gives you the highest valuation, but you should always ask them to justify their price. Can they provide evidence of recent house sales in your area that back up their valuation?

At Preston Baker, we focus on setting a price that gives you great value, without discouraging potential buyers.

2. Home presentation

You want your house to look at its best when viewers visit. Many buyers find it hard to visualise to their own belongings in your home, so help them by giving each room a clear purpose. If you have an unused bedroom, make sure that it at least has a bed in it. Minimise clutter, as this can make rooms look crowded and smaller than they really are. Touch up any minor scuffs and blemishes.

At first, it is probably not worth investing in more significant home improvements. However, we do ask viewers for detailed feedback and this may reveal something significant that is putting buyers off, which may be worth spending money on.

3. Promotion

The way your property is promoted makes a big difference to its sales success. We will advertise your home on all major online portals – and we’ll provide data on the number of people clicking through to find out more. To attract buyers, we’ll provide high-quality photographs, clear floor plans and an attractive brochure for online or offline viewing.

We’ll also call prospective buyers to tell them about your property and encourage them to view it. In fact, 71% of all our sales are generated by this type of proactive call.