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What ‘Plan B’ coronavirus restrictions mean for the housing market

The housing market in England remains open

Originally posted: 9th December, 2021 Last updated: 13th December, 2021

Government guidance for those working within the home buying and selling process and those moving home

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just announced ‘Plan B’ coronavirus restrictions in England, which include asking people to work from home again if possible.

The Government has also issued guidance for those working within the home buying and selling process and those moving home.

Here’s an overview of this guidance for you.

The housing market in England remains open

The housing market in England remains open, which means that anyone looking to move home can go ahead with planned moves and continue to view properties (whilst taking appropriate Covid safety precautions). Estate and letting agents, removers, valuers, and people in sales and letting offices and show homes can go on working.

General advice to those moving home

The Government urges all involved in home buying and selling to continue with good hygiene practices, which includes regular washing of hands, sanitising and cleaning. These measures will assist in preventing the spread of infection.

It encourages all parties involved in home buying and selling to be as flexible as possible and to be prepared to delay moving, for instance if one of the people involved becomes ill with Covid-19 during the moving process or has to isolate.

We're doing all we can to mitigate risk and manage uncertainty

Preston Baker is following the Government’s latest guidance for employers and businesses to help reduce the risk of Covid-19. Face coverings are worn by our staff in estate agent premises and during viewings, and all other guidance is being adhered to.

As the situation unfolds, we will continue to prioritise the safety of our clients and staff in a transparent manner; removing as much uncertainty surrounding the moving process as possible.

Our team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries, whatever they may be.

Rental sector

For those renting a property, letting agents and landlords, it’s important to be aware and follow the Government guidance on coronavirus and renting which carries further advice which could also be applicable such as on repairs, possession proceedings, maintenance and health and safety.

Think of others

As we move into this next stage of the pandemic it’s important we all continue to think of others.

When the Omricon variant was discovered in the UK last month, face masks were made mandatory when travelling on public transport and when in shops, including estate agents.

Under ‘Plan B’ the new measures are fresh guidance on face masks and working from home, as well as Covid passes being introduced to enter certain venues.

By working together and following the guidelines we can help keep ourselves and others safe.

Read the latest Government guidance on Covid-19.

Read Prime Minister confirms move to Plan B in England.