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Preston Baker raises awareness of testicular cancer

Preston Baker supports work of The OddBalls Foundation

Originally posted: 28th June, 2021

Raising awareness of testicular cancer

Preston Baker is supporting the great work done by The OddBalls Foundation in raising awareness of testicular cancer.

We are displaying The OddBalls Foundation posters in our company’s male toilets showing how to check testicles, in a bid to help raise awareness and the importance of regular checks.

Sam Lomax, an Ambassador for The OddBalls Foundation, visited our York branch and met Preston Baker Support Agent Alex Renardson.

“The OddBalls Foundation is a charity raising awareness around testicular cancer, the most common cancer for men aged 15-49,” said Sam.

He added: “We hand out Check Yourself Guides informing people on how to check their testicles for the most common symptoms of testicular cancer. We also raise awareness through the most colourful and bold underwear. If you haven’t already make sure you get a pair! Thank you for getting on board with our cause. Let’s help raise awareness and overcome the stigma young men face when talking about their health.”

The OddBalls Foundation was set up in 2016 to raise awareness of testicular cancer. Through the Foundation it is hoped to make a difference to male health around the world.

The Foundation was launched following the success of the OddBalls underwear business, launched in May 2014.

Testicular cancer is about 95% curable so early diagnosis and regular checking is very important. It is the Foundation’s aim to fit as many ‘check yourself’ guides into male toilets and changing rooms across the country, encouraging males to check themselves regularly and in doing so detect any problems early.

One hundred per cent of all money donated to the Foundation is used to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

Picture shows Alex Renardson, Preston Baker Support Agent in York, with Sam Lomax, an Ambassador for The OddBalls Foundation.

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