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Off-market Preston Baker sale gives Leeds family dream home

"Preston Baker immediately found us a buyer for our house off-the-market."

Originally posted: 29th November, 2021 Last updated: 29th May, 2023

“We feel very lucky and it would not have happened without Preston Baker’s help."

“When a one-of-a-kind house we wanted came on the market, Preston Baker immediately found us a buyer for our house off the market and within just days it was sold, allowing us to get the family home we had previously thought we would never have the opportunity to buy.” Rob from Leeds

When a Leeds couple saw a stand-out house on the market in the perfect location for them and offering them what they were looking for in a home for their family, they were obviously keen to buy it. However, their own house was not on the market and there were already bids on the property they wanted.

“We saw a property close to ours that offered us all the potential we were looking for in a family home for ourselves and our young family,” said Rob.

The Leeds property was on the market with Preston Baker and when Rob enquired about it he asked Preston Baker to value his current home with a view to selling it.

We did better than that. We already knew a buyer looking to buy a property like Rob’s and within just four days of Rob’s first call to Preston Baker his house was sold for £25,000 over the asking price. This allowed him to outbid the previous best offer on the house he wanted and win the family house he and his wife wanted.

“Julie and Peter from Preston Baker who have been looking after the two properties have been exceptional,” said Rob.

“It’s really refreshing to see; they have been very professional, diligent, understanding and customer-focussed throughout. They have been really good at trying to make sure we were kept in the loop at all stages.

“We have only moved twice in over 20 years and they were always very sensitive to our plight and guided us throughout everything.”

Rob said he called about the property they wanted to buy on the Monday, Peter from Preston Baker went round to see him on the Tuesday, an off the market buyer viewed the house on the Friday and offered the same day.

“It’s not often that a property like the one we have purchased comes to market and we certainly never thought we would be able to buy such a property,” said Rob.

“We feel very lucky and it would not have happened without Preston Baker’s help. The process could not have run smoother. We have a home with lots of space, potential and one we had previously only ever dreamed of owning.”