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Featherstone Hall development completed

Bespoke development is now completed and all homes have been sold

Originally posted: 22nd February, 2022

Preston Baker New Homes proud to be sales agent for bespoke redevelopment of historic Featherstone Hall

Preston Baker New Homes has been proud to be the sales agent for the bespoke redevelopment of the historic Featherstone Hall in North Featherstone, and we are delighted to say that the development is now completed and all homes have been sold.

Preston Baker New Homes was pleased to be selected as sales agent for the bespoke redevelopment of the historic Featherstone Hall and its grounds into 15 beautiful family homes.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Featherstone Hall developer Thomas Peterson on this historic redevelopment project, and to sell all the thoughtfully-designed new homes,” said Sophie Garlick, Preston Baker’s New Homes Sales Manager.

Featherstone Hall

The bespoke redevelopment of the historic Featherstone Hall at North Featherstone, a village two miles west of Pontefract, sees the hall converted into three substantial three and four-bedroom period homes. The sympathetically-restored Coach House creates a modern detached home with lots of period charm. There are 11 detached four and five-bedroom homes across different house types.

This development maximises quality and plot size, whilst blending contemporary style and quality with hand-picked brickwork.

History of Featherstone Hall

We’ve enjoyed finding out about the history of Featherstone Hall while working on this development.

Featherstone Hall is the last remaining of four great houses that once dominated the village.

The current Featherstone Hall began as a farmhouse in the 1700s and was added to in the mid-Victorian and early Edwardian period. In 1910 the owner of Featherstone Hall became the first person in the village to own a car which was kept in the Coach House. It is reported the Lady of the house, Amelie, had a passion for exotica and kept parrots. She had a first-floor conservatory built so that the parrots could fly freely which led to the name Parrott House.

Pictures show the Featherstone Hall development.

Developers Logo
Featherstone Hall Ext
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