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Assisted Move Scheme helps dream moves take place

Preston Baker New Homes has helped many people secure their dream new homes using the Assisted Move Scheme

Making moving easier – the Assisted Move Scheme

If you have found a new build home advertised by Preston Baker but have a house to sell, the Assisted Move Scheme can help you realise your dream move.

The scheme removes the stress and cost of selling your property. It offers you:

  • The ability to secure the plot you want while you sell
  • No estate agency fees!

...and we’ll be on hand to manage the sales process of your existing home from start to finish.

We will be happy to explain the scheme to you in more detail.

Just get in touch and we’ll help make that dream move a reality.

Why use the Assisted Move Scheme?

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How the Assisted Move Scheme Works

The Assisted Move Scheme is simple and works in a few easy steps:

1 Check if the development offers the scheme as not all developments offer it, and speak to one of our mortgage and protection advisors to check affordability.

2 Tell us about the property you want to sell and Preston Baker will come out to value your home. If your home is outside the area we cover two separate valuations will be carried out on the property by independent estate agents.

3 We will give you a realistic selling price for your home and if you accept the selling price and period, you will be given an Agreement form outlining these details, which will include the time that your chosen new home will be reserved for you which is typically 4 - 6 weeks.

4 Your existing home will be put up for sale for the agreed period and we will ensure your home is appropriately advertised.

5 Preston Baker will recommend an approved solicitor who will make the process move though with the least amount of stress.

Find out more about the Assisted Move Scheme

If you would like to speak to a member of the Preston Baker New Homes team please get in touch: call 0113 487 8787 or email